Podcast #WeAreCircular X Agathe Gauthier

Season 2 Episode 16: Agathe Gauthier

Welcome back to the sixteenth episode of #WeAreCircular! This podcast is designed to give a voice to those involved in the transition of the economy, to those who are promoting the circular economy.

Today, we are delighted to welcome Agathe Gauthier, co-founder of EMBLEME, an innovative and responsible jewellery company.

Several years ago, Laurent Berthuel, co-founder of EMBLEME, began exploring the possibility of reclaiming gold from electronic circuits. After years of research, he has succeeded in developing a machine capable of meeting this challenge. The gold extracted is pure 24K gold, which, when mixed with silver and copper, becomes 18K gold. Laurent’s aim was to create sustainable, ethical jewellery that could be passed down from generation to generation and given as gifts for special occasions.

Thanks to Agathe’s expertise in luxury and retail, and Laurent’s idea, they launched EMBLEME in 2023. In this episode, discover Agathe’s story, her vision of the circular economy, her career path and the projects she is working on.

Listen to this episode to discover Agathe Gauthier’s inspiring journey!

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