April 05, 2022 was the International Day of Conscience, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

In the new IPCC report, UN climate experts warn that humanity has less than three years to reverse greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main cause of climate change, if it wants to maintain a liveable world.

After reading this post, you will no longer be able to say that you were not aware of the issues at stake and the risks we face!

By 2050, this is what needs to be done to avoid a catastrophe: limit global warming compared to the pre-industrial era (+1.5°C), impact energy demand and act on the consumption of goods and services, and finally reduce greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change by 40 to 70%.

According to the UN Climate Experts, the main culprits of climate change are the households with the 10% highest income in the world. Indeed, they alone account for between 36% and 45% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Faced with this, several actors can act: the populations, by becoming actors of the ecological transition and by taking care to consume more sustainably, by favouring soft mobility and local consumption!

But also governments with the implementation of restrictive measures on the consumption of goods and services, to act in favour of the circular economy! And finally, business leaders, who must get involved in a CSR approach by limiting their impact on the environment and reducing their carbon footprint!

On its own scale, CircularPlace by Obydo seeks to make its users aware of the impacts of their decisions. We try to fight against waste and more generally against overproduction.

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