The circular economy in France is currently undergoing significant changes, particularly in the area of repair bonuses. Since the launch of the Repair Fund in December 2022, the country has been seeking to stimulate the repair of household appliances, electronics, textiles and footwear, and plans to extend these initiatives to other sectors. This article explores recent developments, the future reparation bonuses planned for 2024, and analyses the results of the reparation fund one year after its introduction.

Repair Bonus : A new lease of life in 2024

At present, only two bonuses are available to French consumers, encouraging the repair of household appliances and electronics, as well as textiles and footwear. However, internal sources indicate that a bonus dedicated to DIY and gardening equipment is being finalised and will be officially launched in early 2024. This new addition reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to broadening incentives for repair in a variety of areas.

Expectations regarding the decree amending the regulations

A decree to amend the regulations governing the compensation fund was submitted for consultation in the summer of 2023. Although this decree is crucial to strengthening the repair bonus scheme, it is currently being examined by the Conseil d’État. The proposed changes could have significant implications for the way bonuses are administered, managed and extended to other sectors.