A European agreement against the destruction of unsold clothing

Revolution in the European Textile Industry: A Historic Agreement Against the Destruction of Unsold Garments

Brussels, 5th December 2023 – A major announcement has shaken the European textile industry: the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union have reached an unprecedented agreement to ban the destruction of unsold new clothes. This decision, announced on 5 December, goes hand in hand with a desire to strengthen the eco-design of many consumer goods to facilitate their recycling. The agreement marks a significant step forward in the fight against waste and the promotion of a more circular economy.

Context and Announcement of the Agreement

The announcement of this agreement was made jointly by the European Parliament and the EU Member States. Stakeholders have stressed the importance of this initiative in meeting growing environmental challenges and transforming industrial practices to make them more sustainable.

The new legislation, initially proposed by the European Commission for March 2022, is intended to be a catalyst for significant changes in the design, production and management of consumer products. It aims to limit the environmental impact of goods throughout their life cycle, from manufacture to disposal.