CircularPlace joins the Wilco accelerator!

CircularPlace joins the Wilco accelerator as part of the Tech for Good & CSR programme

CircularPlace has taken the next step: joining the Wilco accelerator’s Tech for Good & CSR programme. This collaboration marks a strong commitment to a circular and sustainable future.

The Wilco Innovation Accelerator : A catalyst for a sustainable future

At a time when our planet is facing enormous environmental and social challenges, the role of business in the transition to a more sustainable society is becoming crucial. The Wilco accelerator has identified this need and has designed an accelerator programme that actively supports start-ups, such as CircularPlace, that guide companies towards establishing and implementing effective CSR strategies. The role of consumers cannot be ignored either. Increasingly informed and aware, they actively seek out companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The start-ups that have joined the programme with us:

CircularPlace : A solution for a circular future

CircularPlace stands out by enabling companies to adopt a circular approach to the management, recovery and re-use of their equipment. Thanks to a sophisticated multi-stage process, companies can pool and exchange resources internally, while having the flexibility to sell, donate or recycle externally. In short, CircularPlace transforms potential waste into valuable resources, helping to create a more sustainable future.

Towards new horizons with Wilco

The collaboration with Wilco offers CircularPlace an opportunity to grow and strengthen. With access to a network of experienced mentors, resources and knowledge, CircularPlace’s vision for a circular future is about to be realised faster and more efficiently.

With the circular economy in mind, CircularPlace has developed a marketplacewhich allows you to sell your equipment, goods and unsold non-food items between professionals, and puts you in touch with voluntary organisations to recover your products.

You can also opt for a white label solution that will allow your company to circularize your equipment internally and to engage your employees around ecological themes.

Don’t throw away any more, opt for the second hand!