France 2024: Reorienting the Budget to Support Sustainable Development

At the heart of Europe, France is increasingly positioning itself as a leader in the ecological transition. This commitment was vividly demonstrated in the recent discussions on the 2024 budget. The country, once dominated by traditional industries, seems determined to redirect a significant proportion of its financial resources towards sustainable initiatives.

1. A proactive commission for a sustainable future

A promising start for the Sustainable Development Committee

The French National Assembly’s Sustainable Development Committee is the embodiment of France’s determination to give priority to the environment when making budgetary decisions. In highlighting the inclusion of environmental issues in the 2024 budget, the committee signalled the growing importance attached to sustainability in national policy.

Green industry tax credit (C3IV) at the heart of discussions

C3IV, which initially focused on the production of equipment such as batteries and solar panels, was the focus of the discussions. At the session on 9 October, a number of political and industrial players tabled amendments designed to broaden its scope. The inclusion of companies focusing on recycling and the recovery of raw materials was particularly popular, underlining the importance of circularity in France’s future economy.