“Give me your help to help others” said Abbé Pierre, founder of the Emmaüs movement in 1949.

August 19, 2022 is International Humanitarian Day. This day was created by the UN to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance and the need to support actions around the world.

The UN would like to remind everyone that every donation, however small, can have an impact on the ground!

Did you know that the circular economy is one of the pillars of the humanitarian world? Many associations use the circular economy to send donations around the world, including Emmaüs or the Red Crosstwo of our country’s leading associations. They have also become major players in the reuse of social and solidarity economy products in the humanitarian sector.

Thanks to the AGEC lawanti-waste law for a circular economy, which came into force in France in January 2022 and prohibits the destruction of unsold non-food products, the entire reuse sector is undergoing major restructuring. Today, many humanitarian associations based on reuse and recycling are emerging, particularly in the construction sector for humanitarian projects in need.

Did you know that Dubrovnik’s famous red roofs were a gift from the city of Toulouse, commissioned by UNESCO after Croatia was bombed during the Yugoslav war in 1993? Donating through re-use is therefore a major way of helping the most disadvantaged, while at the same time taking care of our environment.

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