While the circular economy has enjoyed a resounding boom in recent years due to growing awareness of the climate and ecological emergency, other factors are also the main driving forces behind it!

In 2017, China began to close its borders to a large proportion of foreign waste, closely followed by other Asian countries. The rate of waste exports began to plummet by over 80% to Asian countries: for the first time, Europe was faced with the problem of how to manage its own waste, and this was the first instance of de-globalization.

At present, the Covid-19 health crisis and the war in Ukraine have also disrupted many logistics flows. The resulting inflation in raw material prices and energy shortages has led companies to become increasingly aware of the scarcity of resources essential to their own operations.

Companies are thus starting to review their strategies through the pillars of the circular economy, notably through recycling or reuse, and by promoting the development of a local economy.

CircularPlace responds to the urgent need for businesses and consumers to become more aware of environmental issues. We offer innovative innovative solutions so that companies can put the circular economy at the heart of their internal logistics and economic challenges.

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