Paris 2024 Olympic Games: A strong commitment to circularity

Paris 2024: Pioneering the circular economy in the Olympic world

With the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games less than 4 months away, excitement is building in Paris as it prepares to welcome the world for a historic event. Beyond the sporting spectacle, Paris 2024 stands out for itscommitment to the circular economy , an innovative approach that echoes a growing need for sustainability in international events of this scale.

An ambitious circular economy strategy

From the earliest planning stages, Paris 2024 has adopted a bold approach focused on the circular economy. This strategy, built around five fundamental pillars – rethink, reduce, recycle, reuse and reunite – aims to minimize environmental impact while maximizing positive spin-offs for the community.

The first step is to rethink conventional practices, integrating the circular economy into public procurement and promoting more sustainable design practices. This approach fosters local and global change by encouraging environmentally-friendly practices.

Secondly, Paris 2024 is committed toreducing the use of resources by encouraging the re-use of existing materials. This approach helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the Games, while encouraging a more responsible use of natural resources.

At the same time, the products used during the Games will be recycledas much as possible, raising awareness of the importance of recycling and encouraging sustainable behavior.

Temporary equipment and infrastructure will also be reused reused as much as possible, thus extending their lifespan and avoiding the creation of superfluous new elements. This approach also promotes more efficient use of resources and helps reduce waste.

Finally, Paris 2024 is mobilizing its entire ecosystem around the circular economy, rbringing together public and private players to maximize the positive impact of this approach. This collaboration makes it possible to implement innovative initiatives and promote sustainable practices at all levels of the event.