Podcast #WeAreCircular X Anne-Sophie Colin

As promised, season 2 of the #WeAreCircular podcast is finally out!

So we are delighted to welcome you to ourfirst episode of season 2 of WeAreCircular! This podcast is designed to give a voice to those involved in the transition of the economy, to those who are promoting the circular economy.

Today we’re going to talk about waste. We know just how important recycling and waste management are to the ecological transition.

Tri-O Greenwishes Groom

Tri-O Greenwishes Groomalso known as “the recycling concierge”, offers a range of waste management solutions. The solution Groomoffers a waste management service, with collection from floors and management at their ownsorting.

We are delighted to welcome our fifth guest: Anne-Sophie Colin, Director of Operations at Tri-O Greenwishes Groom & Freelance circular economy consultant.