Reuse in Construction

Construction, a sector often synonymous with renewal and progress, is also a major contributor to waste, with millions of tonnes generated each year in France. According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the deposit of construction waste amounts to more than 40 million tonnes annually in France. Faced with these sources, the circular economy and more particularly reuse has emerged, especially with the AGEC law in 2022.

The Construction Waste Challenge

Construction elements such as doors, partitions, sanitary facilities, lighting fixtures or even materials such as rubble which were once an integral part of real estate structures often find themselves relegated to landfills. However, awareness is emerging, led by innovative initiatives such as the rehabilitation of a real estate complex. In Villeurbanne, of the 10,000 tonnes deconstructed, 19% of the materials were reused, illustrating the potential of reuse in construction.

In this innovative project, materials dismantled on site found new life in the renovated structure. This approach offers an alternative to burying these materials and demonstrates that reuse can be not only viable but also creative in the design of spaces.