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Themotivation is a key factor in achieving your goals, whether in the workplace or in your everyday life. Motivation is the desire or urge to do something. This may be for different reasons, such as pleasure, money, recognition, or simply the desire to succeed.

Reward can be a motivating factor for many of us. If someone knows that they will be rewarded for completing a task or achieving a goal, they can be motivated to work harder and persevere in order to reach their goal. Rewards can take different forms: recognition, money, benefits, promotions or personal satisfaction.

A common example of reward-based motivation is the bonus system in companies. If an employee knows that they will receive a bonus if they achieve their sales targets, they may be more motivated to work hard and achieve those targets. The bonus is the reward, and the prospect of receiving this reward can be a motivating factor for the employee.

What is gamification?

Gamification can be defined as theuse of gaming techniques in non-gaming contexts (such as work) to make a task or activity more engaging and motivating.

This can include the use of game elements such as: rewards, challenges, levels, rankings, badges, or immersive scenarios to encourage users to participate in an activity or complete a task.

La gamification peut s’appliquer dans une variété de domaines tels que l’éducation, la santé, les affaires, ou encore les loisirs.

The benefits of gamification

Building customer loyalty: Gamification is a fun way of engaging customers with a brand or product. By offering rewards, challenges or levels to reach, customers can be encouraged to interact more with the brand or product, which can increase their engagement and loyalty. Gamification can also make customers feel more connected to the brand or product by providing a more immersive and interactive experience. Ultimately, this can lead to more satisfied and loyal customers in the long run.

Understanding their behavior: Gamification can help to better understand customers by collecting data on their behavior and gaming preferences. Game elements such as challenges, levels and rewards can offer valuable insights into how customers interact with a product or brand, and what motivates them to continue playing or interacting. This data may be used to adapt and improve products or services according to the needs and preferences of customers. In addition, gamification can also enable customers to provide more detailed and accurate feedback on their experience, which can help companies to better understand their customers’ needs and expectations.

Improve corporate image: Gamification can improve brand image by providing a more enjoyable and engaging experience for customers. When customers have a positive experience with a brand or product, they are more likely to recommend it to friends and family, which can help build brand reputation. Gamification can also help build brand awareness by providing a unique and memorable experience, which can help differentiate the brand from its competitors. Finally, gamification can also help to build customer loyalty to the brand, which can lead to more satisfied and loyal customers in the long run.

The CircularPlace gamification system

CircularPlace has developed a gamification system that adapts to the needs of each company. Our system is designed to be fun and engaging, while offering a wide range of customisation options for businesses. For example, users will be able to develop their skills and take on challenges.

CircularPlace wanted to offer a real added value to the companies present on our marketplace. Our aim is to provide these companies with a system that can be customised to meet the needs of different types of user, from beginners to experts.

Thanks to our gamification system, the possibilities are numerous: users can learn new skills, improve their productivity and connect with other like-minded people.

CircularPlace’s gamification system is easy to use and allows the companies present on our marketplace to differentiate themselves from other competitors.

CircularPlace engages companies in the circular economy and promotes the re-use of goods and equipment.

With this in mind, CircularPlace has developed a marketplace for the resale of your unsold non-food products between professionals, and puts you in touch with non-profit organizations to recover your products.

You can also opt for a white-label solution solution, which will enable your company to circularize your equipment internally and engage your employees in ecological issues.

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