Podcast #WeAreCircular X Manon Leroux

Podcast #WeAreCircular X Manon Leroux

Season 2 Episode 14: Manon Leroux

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the fourteenth episode of WeAreCircular! This podcast is designed to give a voice to those involved in the transition of the economy, to those who are promoting the circular economy.

Today, we’re delighted to welcome Manon Leroux, founder of Save&Care.

Manon launched Save & Care in 2022, this start-up aims to reduce waste in care and hygiene products. To do this, it connects retailers who want to sell their unsold cosmetics with consumers looking to save money. Thanks to this platform, quality products are more accessible to all, while limiting waste.

Listen to Manon Leroux’s story, discover her vision, her entrepreneurial journey, and the challenges and opportunities she faced with Save&Care.

Listen to this episode to discover Manon Leroux’s background

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