A solution endorsed by the Solar Impulse Foundation

On 14 June, CircularPlace was accredited by theSolar Impulse Foundation. This label, known as the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”, highlights solutions that are both clean and cost-effective, making it possible to meet environmental challenges without compromising economic growth. Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation have identified over 1,000 efficient and cost-effective solutions, and CircularPlace is now proud to be part of this initiative.

CircularPlace’s commitment to the circular economy

This certification confirms CircularPlace’s commitment to the circular economy and validates the positive impact of its platform on the environment. CircularPlace works every day to facilitate the re-use of equipment and products, reduce its customers’ carbon footprint and promote the circular economy. By helping companies to re-use their under-utilised assets, CircularPlace reduces waste and promotes more efficient use of resources. By optimising asset management and encouraging re-use, CircularPlace is helping to reduce CO2 emissions. By integrating sustainable practices into companies’ day-to-day operations, CircularPlace is encouraging a more environmentally-friendly business model.