CSR: how can you boost your balance sheet?

How to boost your CSR report with ISO 26000-compliant practices

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an imperative for companies seeking to play a positive role in society while guaranteeing their sustainability. To strengthen your CSR Report and meet the principles of the ISO 26000 standard, here’s how you can improve your environmental and social impact.

Understanding the ISO 26000 standard

ISO 26000 is the international benchmark for CSR. It is based on the principles of sustainable development and provides a solid foundation to guide companies towards an effective CSR approach. The standard highlights 7 fundamental principles:

1- Accountability :

Your CSR Report should contain clear and accessible information, giving an account of your actions and performance.

2- Transparency :

Be transparent about your decisions and actions. Stakeholders need to understand your CSR approach.

3- Ethical behaviour :

Adhere to fairness, honesty and integrity. Implement responsible and respectful governance.