Média 24 is talking about CircularPlace !

CircularPlace announces a successful fundraising round of €1.4 million.

This round of financing will enable CircularPlace to accelerate the deployment of our innovative modular platform, designed to support organisations in their transition towards circular and sustainable business models.

Thanks to this solution, companies can optimise the management of the entire lifecycle of their products, equipment and resources. As a result, they benefit from a wide range of options to maximise their reuse and recovery:

– Internal pooling and re-use between different sites
– Distribution and second-hand sales to other players
– Donations to social economy associations

By facilitating these circular approaches, CircularPlace enables companies to reduce their waste, generate additional income and make savings, while reducing their environmental impact.

On the strength of this promising round of funding, founders Vincent Rigal and Maxime Scholz are now ready to accelerate the roll-out of our solution to a growing number of organisations keen to integrate their activities into a virtuous circular economy.

To mark the occasion, Média24 wrote an article about us!