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One year ago, the Great Business Challenge for the Planet was launched. It was created to submit 100 proposals in order to accelerate the ecological transition of companies.

150 companies participated in this challenge, including 60 employees, 30 investors and 60 managers who were all drawn at random. The latter have taken courses with professionals in the fields of climate, economics and biodiversity to increase their knowledge of the subject.

These proposals induce great changes, as for example:
  • Creation of a fund dedicated to the ecological transition of the company,
  • Installation of a “triple capital” accounting system highlighting human and natural capital
  • The implementation of a classification on environmental and social performance.
  • This requires calling on the public authorities to redirect funds for professional retraining to high-impact jobs or to set up a one-stop shop for aid to the ecological transition.

If you are interested in learning more, here is the list of 100 proposals.

If you also want to accelerate the ecological transition of your company, CircularPlace has developed a marketplace allowing the resale of your non-food waste between professionals, and puts you in touch with associations to recover your products.

Don’t throw away any more, opt for the second hand!

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