We’re delighted to announce that CircularPlace is one of the 10 winning companies in MetaStrat‘s Entrepreneurs for Good 2022 program.

MetaStrat is a collective of freelancers concerned with economic, ecological and social issues. They help change agents with their digital proposals. From the conception of an idea to its dissemination, they develop software and communication tools to help projects that count.

The aim of the programme is to help entrepreneurs make an impact, structure their ambitions and align them with the world of tomorrow.

This consists of personalised support with committed mentors, the provision of expertise to enhance social and environmental impact, workshops on impact-related themes, and collective intelligence and sharing sessions.

This will provide us with a number of valuable benefits, including an outside perspective and constructive feedback, advice on development and marketing, a new network to collaborate, share and help each other, and visibility within the community. MetaStrat .

We’d like to thank the jury for placing their trust in us, and especially Sébastien Ortega (Program Manager) and Frédéric RAFFIN-CABOISSE (our main mentor).

Congratulations to the other selected projects Panopi (Vincent Nicolas), Yelotek ? tournesol.eco (Thomas Niesor), Impact For Change (Johanne Pichon), Mobius(Alexandre Coulaud), Bon Sens (Charlotte & Julien Benayoun), Ti3rs (Eva Ngalle), OliviAnne (Anne DESMAISON) and NyDCorp (Rim QECHCHAR).

The program is supported by a number of excellent partners, including WE DO

GOOD, Iziweb , laruche, Fidbak ? ? Gamification, No Code For Good