Today, 4% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to digital technology, and according to a study byADEMEthis figure could double by 2050! As we head back to school, we’d like to give you a few tips on how to reduce your digital carbon footprint.

According to the study En route pour la sobriété numérique “carried out by ADEME, 4 key points would enable us to drastically reduce our carbon impact linked to the use of our digital objects:

  • Don’t renew your equipment too often: on average, more than 80% of the impact of digital technology is due to the manufacture of equipment. To overcome this, we need to equip ourselves in a sober and sustainable way, buying reconditioned equipment rather than new, and giving a second life to appliances we no longer use.
  • Taking good care of your equipment: watching out for overheating, frequently cleaning vents and USB ports, using the right protection to avoid breakage… will help your devices last longer and consume less.
  • Pay attention to your connection: prefer wifi to 4G, which consumes three times as much energy, turn off your computer and box frequently, and limit the number of connected objects.

Did you know that an internet box consumes the equivalent of a refrigerator?

  • Limit the weight and path of your data: store your data on the same server, sort your media frequently, send optimized e-mails, and listen to your music on streaming platforms rather than video clips.

Watching streaming is one of the most polluting digital practices! It has been proven that we would save over 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 if 70 million users lowered the quality of their videos!

Now you’ve got all the tools you need to become an ace digital ecologist!