Recently, 1,076 French people were questioned about their attitudes and expectations with regard to the circular economy, as part of theHappydemics study for Invibes Advertising. They came up with some interesting figures, to say the least, which show that consumers are increasingly turning towards more responsible and environmentally-friendly consumption.

Find out the 7 key figures from this study on the relationship between the French and the circular economy :

  • 47% of French people associate the circular economy with responsible consumption.
  • 78% of respondents think that brands should encourage consumers to turn more towards sustainable consumption.
  • 69% of consumers expect companies to communicate more about their commitments.
  • 62% of French people prefer to sell rather than throw away products they no longer use.
  • 70% of them prefer to use websites and apps that sell products between individuals (such as Leboncoin, Vinted, etc.) to buy second-hand products. 78% of respondents opt for this type of purchase for economic reasons (less expensive products).
  • 34% of 18-34 year-olds rent rather than buy.

As a result, many people subscribe to the idea of doing better with less. They know that the circular economy is a virtuous circle. Expectations and resolutions that obviously have an impact on companies.

At CircularPlace, we are proud to support our customers in a more virtuous approach, giving pride of place to re-use.