Today is the start of the summer sales !

However, in recent seasons, sales have struggled to convince consumers. By dint of being used to sell off obsolete stocks, sometimes several seasons old, brands have ended up tiring their customers, who now prefer private sales and their year-round low prices.

But that’s not the only reason either: ecological awareness is now prevalent, and more and more consumers are turning to the circular economy.

As a result, it is gaining ground in many sectors, becoming a selling point for struggling industries where traditional sales campaigns are no longer enough to convince consumers. For example, the textile sector, which is particularly affected by sales. The circular economy is becoming a selling point for customers who are increasingly demanding eco-responsible clothing.

Sourced from environmentally-friendly raw materials, manufactured locally and recycled, the circular economy takes many forms: sale, donation and reuse.

At CircularPlace, we don’t wait for the sales to find solutions to brands’ unsold goods! On a day-to-day basis, we help companies find the best solution for their needs.