The French Competition Authority, by announcing its project to promote the sustainable development of businesses, takes a prominent position in the current economic landscape. This initiative, unveiled on December 22 through a draft press release, aims to redefine the way in which companies integrate environmental and social concerns into their activities.

Project details:

The document details the criteria a business must meet to submit a request for informal guidance. The project aims to encourage businesses to engage in initiatives that go beyond usual business practices. It places particular emphasis on complex competition law issues, thereby encouraging companies to innovate and rethink their business strategies.

The criteria set out in the draft aim to ensure that only initiatives with a significant impact on issues such as climate change, pollution, subsistence income and animal welfare are eligible. This represents a call to action for businesses, urging them to take a proactive role in solving global challenges.

The scope of sustainable projects:

The project actively encourages companies to present projects focused on crucial issues. The fight against climate change is a major focus, encouraging companies to adopt concrete measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adopting renewable energy.

Reducing pollution is also a key aspect, pushing businesses to design innovative strategies to minimize their environmental impact. Ensuring a living income is another point highlighted, prompting businesses to consider measures that contribute to the financial well-being of their employees.

The preservation of animal welfare, often neglected, is integrated into the project. This reflects the growing awareness of the importance of ethical considerations in business practices, prompting businesses to adopt animal-friendly practices.